Hi everyone

The Volunteers started arriving in St Rhadagunds.

Snowing The first mounth, January, the year started to Snowing. February went very quickly with the preparation of the Sophie’s Wedding. (Andrew’s dautgher) The latest news… In January some voluntaries said bye bye to England and returned to them countries, others returned to St rhadagunds. In February we had the arrival of new voluntary. Two Brazilian, Aline and Gerli. The team had two voluntaries from Brazil, Andreza and Suelen, one from Uganda, Irene, and one from Nigeria, Karo.


WeddingOn the first day of March we had wedding. A. For me, a Brazilian girl, was a wonderful experience. I saw beautiful, exciting and traditional Britain wedding. The wedding was very different from a Brazilian wedding. Was an interesting cultural experience. The wedding was beautiful. So good to see the happiness of Andrew and Geraldine, after much work with the preparation and a great commitment from all, principality the bride’s parents, we had beautiful party.


But good news not stop yet.



In March two more volunteers arrived from South Korea, and now another country are represented in St Rhadagunds. Many cultures living in the same place, but it is an immense pleasure to share a little of own country and learn something from another country. And… we had a snow day… other good experience for me and Gerli. We never have been snow at this moment.

Now, we expect the rest of the volunteers to complete the family, and I’m sure we will have good times together.

This is Aline, Brazilian girl, I spend a great year and share a little bit about our lives in St Rhadagunds.


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Time flies, doesn’t it?

WHOA! Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time since I last showed up, I know… I know… And I’m really sorry for that, however, to compensate my absence, here it is what I think it will be a big post about the latest days.

Well, with the end of the summer season we had some more goodbyes, this time Noemi (Germany), Andra (Romania) and Riikka (Finland) left us and went back to their families, friends, schools and everything else they had left behind before coming to St. Rhads.

ImageAfter 3 weeks working with us, Noemi gets her certificate, a big thank you and everybody’s best wishes on her last morning at the centre.


Ok, there were so many cameras that Andra ended up looking at the wrong one (haha), anyways, after 6 whole months and a lot of stories to tell, our sweet Romanian girl says goodbye. Everybody misses you really bad, Gus and Mini are included in this “everybody”!!! Best wishes!! 😉


And this is Riikka’s last morning at St. Rhads. Luckily she’s not back to Finland, but to uni in Scotland (If I’m not wrong it’s a closer place for an eventual visit). Hope you’re doing well with your new home and housemates 😉

WHOA! After a river of tears, a million hugs and wishes of safe journeys, they’re back home, we miss you, but we’re happy that you’re back to your beloved ones. God has a time for everything on Earth and we thank the Lord for your time with us!! Love you, girls!

Last Friday (September, 7th) we had the Wildfire musical written by Roger Jones from CMM – Christian Music Ministries (http://www.cmm.org.uk/people/jones.php) perfomed by our guests at the local Parish church. In one word?! That was AWESOME! Absolutely amazing! All the singing, acting, speaking… It was a really nice message and a good reminder that God doesn’t just live in a building but everywhere we are! We could sing along, smile and cry and, eventually, enjoy some drinks and biscuits together. What a night!


(Please, don’t mind Keith’s bald head at the bottom of the picture LOL)

This week we’ve got just a few guests, what means that our days are not so busy and we’ll have some more free time (YAY!) and probably new updates on the blog may come out sooner or later because of that!

Well, I think those were the highlights from last week…

Hope you like it, see you soon,

Hugs xxx

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Farewell Days

Hello again everyone!!

Well, the last few days have brought a mix of feelings that we’re gonna have to learn how to handle eventually. Some of our friends/co-workers/roommates left us and we are happy for they’re gonna be back to their places, friends and family and (at once) we miss them and wish they would come back and never leave.

Last Wednesday (22nd) was the time for Sora. She went on holidays through the UK with Kiseok and later on this week she’ll be heading back to Korea while Kiseok will come back to St. Rhads. Heart-breaking I know, but I (Saulo) won’t mind having my roommate (and the bed time story) back! LOL


This is Andrew givin’ Sora her certificate and a present as a big thank you for her time with us at St. Rhads.


This is Sora’s farewell at Ventnor beach.

Also, yesterday (25th) Chloe left us and headed back to Manchester where she’s gonna spend a week with her family to, at last, move back to uni in Blackpool. We must admit this house will be way more quiet from now on… LOL


This is Andrew givin’ Chloe her certificate and a present as a big thank you for her time with us at St. Rhads.


The girls at the beach for Chloe’s farewellImage

and her last night with us this summer.

We wish you girls all the best. We thank you for your time and commitment to the centre and for being part of everybody’s lives. We’ll miss you, but we’re glad for we’ve had good times together!!

May God be with you wherever you are!!!

Well, the guests from last week left as well, but again we have our house full of new people, we pray that we all will have an awesome week and… let’s carry on and get back to work now 😉

New updates coming soon!!

Hugs xxx

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Latest Moments

Hello Everyone!

This is summer holiday season and we’ve been so busy that we totally forgot to update you about our recent activities… That’s a shame, we know… Sorry about that!


There we go! Last July, 25th was Kiseok’s birthday, we surprised him with a giant trifle (his favourite dessert) that you can see on this picture Image

Right after Kiseok, Karo also had his birthday. It was last week, on the 9th August.

We wish all the best to both you guys!

Riikka had been on holidays for some days, she’s been to Dubai and this is a picture from the day she came back to St Rhads Image

(She was very kind to bring us some special chocolate dates from the Middle East – That was delicious, Riikka, thank you ;])

Even though our days’ve been full, we also have our moments of rest when we take some time to explore the island and visit some nice places as you see on the following photo Image

And here we are, having the time of our lives!!!

Thank you God for what You’ve done for us, thank you friends and family for supporting each one of us and let’s keep moving forward!

Write again soon 😉

See you

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Don’t be afraid

become beautiful (kiseok & eric)

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Andrew’s birthday

today Andrew’s birthday!!

He is ready to blowout the candles.

We are always gratitude to you

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Yacht race ^^

Round the island yacht race.

we can see the yacht 1600 in front of st.rhadagunds.

look at that so lovely.

we are very curious volunteers.

Andrew Geraldine as weell.

Andrew said “look at that red flag is my team”

He looks like a child.^^

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