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Our life and pictures

It looks good for the new team



07 Mar 2012 Wednesday fellowship



Today is Wednesday

We’re ready for fellowship

Si-nae is going to play the piano, Andrew the guitar

Everyone is looking forward to Fellowship, which is starting


We learn Community life at St Rhadagunds

Everyone said “I do!”


We always learn to work cheerfully

Serving to dining room, cleaning the pantry, setting the table etc..

We are getting better and better

You are doing a good job 😀


Sometimes, We love being out of doors


Sometimes We read the bible with tea or coffee on the terrace

Also, We can feel a steadily growing faith


The weather is perfect for a walk.


We are family~

Mini and Gus are lovely dogs

and We love playing with them

Everything will stay with us as a happy memory.

We are adjusting well now, aren’t we? 😀

You can trust to hear better news about our new team!

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No need to say Goodbye

As like every volunteers who were here,
It’s time for me to move on to my real life in Korea.
St.Rhadagunds, How beautiful place !
I can tell everybody that
my life in here would be the most important in my twenties.

I’ll miss the time we shared together,
especially summer picnics !

And evey moment we shared nice meals together.
I’ll miss delicious English food all the time
that our chef ‘Charlie’ made !

My happiest time was waiting for a dessert every evening 🙂

I could meet so many nice people in here,
not only volunteers but also guests
from whole around the world !

And don’t forget the church group !
It was such a precious community God gave me.

Each moment of worship was wonderful.
Thank God, he gave me a chance to join in the worship group
to praise him all the time.

And participate in an Easter musical choir.
It was the most glorious moment.

And every day working with my friends in here.
Sometimes it’s quite hard and busy, but I really enjoyed.
Especially in summer family holiday week with more than 70 guests !
I could feel real teamwork and harmony between us.

Except Gardening  …. I think once in a month is enough 🙂

Oh, don’t forget the moment me and Mila’s baptism !
This place made me to grow up as a real Christian.

Lucky Oscar, Now you can sleep in my bed all day long 🙂

Thank you for blessing my 10 months in here.
And I hope we could meet each other again !
I love all of you that I’ve met in St.Rhads.

Especially, my English Mom & Dad !
I promise to come back here again.

God bless you all,
including our Blog visiters !

With love, Boyoon Jang , 2011 St.Rhads Blog editor

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Training Video

At last, Our Movie Director ‘Annie’ finished
most of St.Rhads training video recording.

She made so many volunteers film star.
Salt process, Making toast, Potato Rumbling and etc.
If you want to learn and know how to work in St.Rhads,
The address below might help.
This is her Youtube Channel.
Check our professional working movies 🙂

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Busy Bee trip

The 2011 Christmas is just infront of us !
In St.Rhads, we have a small event called ‘Secret Santa’.
Everybody picked up a small piece of paper
written another volunteer’s name,
and prepare a small gift for him or her.
To participate in this event ?!
We need to do Christmas shopping !

Annie, Noemi, Alessandra went together with me,
and don’t forget Geraldine ! She planned this trip for us.

It was so beautiful in side as you see !
Everything is deocrated with Christmas stuffs
and made us feel like being in a fantastic wonderland.

We’re quite busy to take a picture and look around the shop,
‘Busy Bee’.

And don’t forget this amazing experience !
At the Garden centre, three pretty owls are waiting for us
to take a picture together.
With a small donation,
We could make beautiful experience never gonna forget.

After shopping, we had a cup of tea with piece of cake.
I loved my chocolate cake with nuts !

And finished our journey at Tesco,
I’m so happy that we could have a chance to go out together.
Thank you for this opportunity, Geraldine
Just 17 days left for Christmas party in St.Rhads !
How exciting 🙂

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St.Rhads pet, Oscar

Hello, my name is Oscar, just call me Oskii.
I live in St.Rhadagunds garden and
quite often sleep in Ilona’s room or sun lounge.
I love to stay in rosemary bush nearby sunlounge
and take a sunbath in the garden.

But these days, it’s getting cold, sometimes
I enjoy to stay nearby fireplace like you !

Or Annie’s room at Boyoon’s bed …
I love to sleep at there, it’s so cozy !

shhhhh , be quite, I’m afraid others to see.

I’m 16 years old and my favorite food is gravy.
But I couldn’t get so many chance to have it
because people have it all … so greedy !
And they trained me to eat instant cat food … it’s not fresh.
I’m eating it not because it’s delicious,
but because i’m hungry !

I’m quite famous in here, everybody likes me !
Even Ilona kiss me every day and night.
But you know what ?
It’s quite tired to be famous,
They don’t leave me alone !
It makes me to become really sensitive.

Some people said I’m spoiled,
but they have to remember that I’m not spoiled.
Just I’m a superstar and royal cat, you got it ?

So if you see me knocking on diningroom door,
You should open it and lead me to Ilona’s room.
And if you have any gravy left over,
please don’t throw it away.
 Leave it for your special cat.
And then we could be good friends.

Or… you could be my feeder ?

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St.Rhads World food Festival

Eating and Eating again
Can’t stop Eating you, my lovely food 🙂

We had really nice world wide meal everyday for two weeks
Because of ‘Volunteer food festival’ held in St.Rhads.
It means, We can get an opportunity to cook for everybody
and introduce our own food, How interesting !

So Brazilian, Hungarian, Korean and Ugandan team
prepared own country meals each day.
It makes all of us stop dieting for a moment 🙂

First day team was Noemi and Ilona, Hungarian team !
They prepared Gulya’s soup and Toltott Kaposzta
which is minced meat wrapped with vegetables.
This team made other teams nervous
because their food was so nice and high quality !

Guess which country’s food it is !
It’s from Korea.
Sue, Annie and I prepared the next day meal.
Actually it’s really difficult to cook Korean meal in here
Because it’s hard to get Korean traditional Sauce.
However, fortunately, Annie’s boyfriend sent us the sauce,
So we could make exactely the right taste of Korean food !

We made Korean dumplings, Kimchi pancake
and Spicy roast chicken and potatoes.
We’re so happy because everybody enjoyed the meal.

Beautiful Brazilians and foods !
At last, this week, we could taste foods from them.
All of us expected so much
because they’re famous for cooking in this centre !
They cooked fried rice with chicken and potato salad.
And don’t forget the chips and chewy chocolate dessert 🙂
Although we all loved their food,
we couldn’t eat all of them because of the huge portion.

This food festival is until tomorrow lunch time,
So don’t miss it !
It’s the last chance for you to taste special foods in St.Rhads 🙂

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Live Report : 2011 Voluntary project

2011 Voluntary project is divided into big 4 part.

1. Making new worship songbook – Sue & Andreza
2. Making volunteer training video – Annie & Mila
3. Organizing new website gallery and centre blog – Boyoon
4. Finishing tower fixing and christmas decoration
– Alessandra, Leila, Dawn, Noemi, Lazarus, Ilona

Since last week, we’re busy to do these ‘special jobs’.
Today, I’m going to show you recent sites of our working.

Search new songs, arrange those,
find music notes, edit to make a book and etc.
These days, nest is really busy place
for worship songbook project team.

Sue and Andreza take in charge with this project
as a worship band member.

” What are you doing, Annie ? ”
” I’m editing a training video ! “

These days, Annie is working as a movie editer.
For future volunteers, Mila and Annie make a training video
to teach in easy way how to work in each place and duty.

Struggling with the fist film ‘Salt process’ for almost 3 days,
At last they made a first masterpiece !
I really want you to see this interesting and informative film.

click here to play

This is my job doing in the office right now,
about online marketing.
We’re planning to make a new St.Rhads website.
So I’m preparing nice pictures for the Gallery
and doing my personal job as a centre blog editer.
I’m so happy that I can use my ability and experience
to help Andrew and this centre.

For this comming Christmas,
Girls are busy to decorate everywhere in this centre.
Look at this pretty decorating stuffs !
And see, Leila decorated herself not only the lounge 🙂

I hope everybody could finish their projects well
and ready for greeting our guests with smile 😀 

Christmas & 2012 are infront of us !

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Lazarus’s Message

These days, I’m getting God’s loveletter twice a week.
Do you want to know how to get it ?
It’s really easy, just looking for a member of staff, Lazarus.

Thank you for Lazarus,
He’s sending us the LORD’s messages through Email regularly.
Not only the centre members but also everyone
around the world could get this mail
and communicate with him about their personal problems
to huge worldwide situations.


Because of his messaage,
Whenever I login my Email account,
my heart is full of excitement and expectation!

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Flight to Hungary

At last, I’ve been to hungary to see Csenge.
Csenge was a volunteer worker from Hungary
till this year April and I missed her so much.
So I decided my last holiday to spend with her in Hungary.
My roommate, Noemi, couldn’t hide her excitement,
Because she is a sister of Csenge !

Hungary is the place with gorgeous night view.
Because winter is comming, the weather was cold,
We’re really busy to move around the city.

In this beautiful city, I stayed in Csenge’s house.
It was really cozy and pretty place for 7 people.
I slept in Noemi’s room with Csenge and it was quite funny experience.
Every morning, Csenge prepared nice and fresh breakfast for me
and it makes us not hungry at all till dinner time 🙂

Watching a movie at the Cinema, Going to see many performances,
Participating Hungarian traditional dancing class and etc.
With her in Budapest, my one week passed as like a day.

And I visited her youth group service as well.
As a special guests from long distance,
I prepared short presentation about my self and Korea.
And sang a song ‘Amazing Grace’ as well 🙂

What a special chance to introduce my country’s food !
During our journey, we found a nice Korean restaurant.
So we had a dinner together at there.
I was so happy that she really enjoyed her meal,
ddeok-kuk (Korean rice cake soup).

So impressed. this is the picture we took altogether at the woody bay.
And she’s keeping it on the wall in her room.
Still her room was full of memories that we shred together.
How lovely !

I was so happy that I could stay with her and her family in Budapest.
Although we’re apart from each other,
We always remember each other as a precious friend.

Thank you, Csenge. It was the best holiday I had in my life.
I miss you, love you so much.
God bless you and your family always 🙂

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New birthday, 23rd Sep.

Baptism day = Born again birthday
23rd of September, me and Mila,
we decided to be daughters of the Lord.

To be specific, we made up our mind to be baptised
by Andrew, our centre manager, at the Woody bay.


After having a quiet time together, Sharing testimony and words,
We went down to the Woody bay in sunshine.
We could feel that God blessed this beautiful day.

Having a short prayer before go in to the water

And we born as new Christians 🙂

Before I came this place,
I couldn’t imagine to have been a real christian.
However, now I understand that everything was in God’s plan.

After the Baptism ceremony, we had a nice dinner altogether.
Geraldine prepared nice chicken curry for us
and Dawnie mad sweet chocolate cake for desert.

It’s better for you to check this video, i think,
Annie made it for us and now it’s the most precious film I have.

click here to play

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