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Special week or program with guests that we’re having

Lazarus’s vision

Have you ever heard about ‘TYRO Africa’ ?
If not, you have to see this posting right now !

‘TYRO’ means, The Youth Rescue Out Reach.
Tyro Africa is a group commited young people
who live, study and work in and through out Uganda.

Tyro’s vision is to Form a society
in which youth discover their full potential
and turn their challenges into opportunities
and empower the youth who may be marginalized
to succeed in life by living wisely
despite of what may appear to growing insecurities.

Are you curious about why I’m talking about it ?
One of our volunteer, Lazarus is a leader of this Organization
and he’s working as a teacher in Uganda as well.

Today, he had an opportunity to introduce us about this NGO
and it was really interesting and informative time.
He told us about to build a school for
orphans, poor and homeless children
to lead them with Christ-centred education.
In addition, He showed us data of HIV/AIDS youth rate
and explained how much education system is needed in Uganda.

Tyro needs your help and participation in so many ways.
Not only donation but also Volunteers !
How beautiful work for God’s glory !
You can get more information from here.
We’re waiting for your contact 🙂

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Life at Beechwood court

On october and November this year,
Dawn, Andreza and Mila, three of our volunteers,
have been to Beechwood court, another centre in North wales
to help their busy period working.

Are you ready to listening
their live stories from Beechwood? 🙂

 Hi, I’m Mila.
Ah, Beechwood Court and Wales…
just a enchanted place!

The place I worked for couple of weeks was so amazing.
I really enjoyed being at that beautiful, really beautiful place!
I thank to God for this opportunity
because in certain way it changed my life.

I`ll miss and always remember the people I met there,
and the peace I felt whenever I went out for a walk.

Hello, I’m Andreza.
For me, Beechwood court was a very good opportunity
to be closer to God and see his wonderful works.
While I was there, I made some really good friends,
who were really helpful to me.
I miss them and my time there !

Hello, my name is Dawn.
My time at Beechwood court was a mixed time.
As I was away from my comfort zone, as I call it.
The journey was very long about 14 hours, altogether.
We travelled by car to shanklin, train, ferry, train, coach.
I went with Andreza and Mila, both from Brazil.
The work was hard and busy, but it helps me to focus on things.
We had a school group on weekdays
and weekend group on nearly every weekend.
On my days off, I visited local places like conwy castle.
We had staff devotions every morning after staff breakfast.
Each member of staff took part
chosing a passage of scripture or a song.
This helped to start the working day.
Thank you for reading this article. God Bless you.

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Small donation for Girish

Girish is a paster and preacher in India.
 We met him this year summer at the first time
through our manager, Andrew.

He has a dream that preaching the Godspell whole around the country.
So he contacted us to help him to get a motor bike
to move around the country.

So in the centre, we started to get a donation
from not only holiday guests but also visitors and staffs
to help his dream come true.

Even though we’ve never meet him before,
we’re passionate to help him.
Because we strongly believe that God can work through him.

Every week and fellowship,
we announced guests about Girish’s story
and finally Caroline’s family decided to help him in special way.
When you donate, you can pick up
a small piece of paper from the pile.
Inside of the paper,
it says a number of the gift that you can get.
It was quite intresting way
so that they contribute to this donation a lot !

In conclusion, we made money for Girish’s bike
and send it with everybody’s blessing.
Thank you everybody
Thank you Lord for making a way to Girish.

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Welcome, Marilyn & Tracy

In St.Rhads, we run various christian holiday programs
every month, every year.
One of the programs i really enjoyed was
‘Marylin Baker’s music week’.

She’s one of the famous christian singer and song writer.
Surprisingly, she cannot see properly like us.

Her partner, Tracy is a preacher and book writer.
And sometimes she dances when Marilyn sings.
Amazingly, she cannot hear properly like us.

The important thing is that both of them could fill each others weekness.
Marilyn is an ear of Tracy and Tracy is an eye of Marilyn.
Because they are together,
they could bless so many christians whole around the world.

Although they have more physical difficulties than us,
They are praising the LORD with all their heart

and giving us words not to stop worshipping God.

How wonderful they are !

I’m going to introduce you this video, and I really want you to look at it.
Tracy’s dance made most of us crying.
She couldn’t hear marilyn’s playing through her ears
but she said that she could listen though Holy spirit.

Click here to play the video

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Music Week with Roger Jones

Have you ever heard about Musical ‘Jerusalem Joy’ or ‘Roger Jones’? Actually, I experienced Roger Jones’s Musics first time in here and it was amazing ! In St. Rhadagunds, 16th to 23rd of April, We had a special music week before easter.

With Roger Jones’s worship team, all the guests and staffs enjoyed music seminar everyday and had own worship together in this centre on palm sunday. 


The most important thing is that we had a Musical ‘Jerusalem Joy’ performance at St.Lawrence parish church on 22nd of April !Lukas and I joined their orchestra and choir. He played his clarinet and I was  a soprano in the choir.

Most of the Seats were filled with people and all the staffs and guests were there to see our performance.  It was quite successful and everyone enjoyed that time. I’m still thank to Roger Jones team and audiences who gave me really good opportunity to  sing for God. I still miss them and always happy when I think back on  that days 🙂

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70 Southhampton Univ. Students


We had special guests this month ! It was 70 students from Southhampton University. They had traveled this island, Isle of wight, on cycling and dropped by this centre on the saterday evening to sunday morning. It was amazing ! It was the frist time we saw so many university students in here and also we had the first time to serve over 70 guests.

So, We prepared 10 tables  and  had 5 waiters and waitresses for their evening meal. Please focus on wonderful dinner tables and 70 coffee cups 🙂 These were masterpieces of Annie, Sue, Csenge, Lukas and Alex.

Kitchen and Wash up team also had busy days. Our chef ,Charlie, prepared delicious 70 main dishes and desserts for them and Wash up team cleaned all the dishes, containers and cutleries they had used. At first time we were quite worried about whether we can do well. But we did really good and it was a good chance to  prove our fantastic team-work !

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The magic night

Have you ever heard that there is a magician in St.Rhadagunds?
If you visit our center, you can enjoy Junior’s magic concert !
With his magic box, he becomes totally new one,
‘Junior the magnificent’
Although he doesn’t produce a dove from his hat,
the point is, he makes a comfortable atmosphere
which everyone can enjoy with his wit.

At least for kids who visit here, he is the best magician ever.


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Strawberry cream teas

On Thursday 18th June, 
parish church ladies organised Strawberry Cream Tea party
and invited everybody in the village.
The venue was St Rhadagunds on a lovely warm , sunny day
– about 50 people came.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Regular guest ‘Mr. Sheridon’


On winter time, we open the restaurant on Monday to Friday,
Mr. Sheridan has come to centre without exception.
He who was book dealer in London gives feeling to all volunteers
as the standard of English gentlemen.

His taste is a bit interesting,
which is constant love about gravy and “very hot food”.
Biggest gravy boat is only for him.
He also enjoys having coffee after half an hour with brown sugar.
One day I have asked to him why you keep to brown sugar.
He replied; “Brown sugar is tasty”

Yes, He is a bit quiet person.
I’ve thought that is because of loving the book
as if a calm followed well-read.
He has never forgotten taking the book
and changed the book every he comes.

Always this centre is opened, not only for Mr. Sheridon,
but also for everybody.

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