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St. rhadagunds with beautiful nature.

From winter to spring

If you ask me the most beautiful place in this center in winter and spring, I will recommand you these places. Are you ready for enjoying awesome pictures below? 🙂

Are you thinking about the castle in the middle ages? These pictures are the lounge and drawing room in this centre. In the evening, the fire is on the fireplace and candle lights are on. With antique furnitures and pictures,  it makes cozy and gorgeous atmosphere.

In spring, flowers are blooming and green leaves are awaken. Beautiful sunshine and the sea makes this garden much more attractive. These days, when  I have a break time, I sit on the garden bench and reading books with fresh tea. I feel alive and refreshing. 

I hope that you could feel this beautiful spring nature
 with us in here 🙂

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Every June


Every June, the sea nearby St.Rhadagunds is full of sailing yachts.
It’s JPMorgan Round the Island Race 2010,
which is the biggest sailing race.
It almost went on all day in the wonderful weather for sailing.
During break time, we also enjoyed the view with big interests,
because there was particular reason for us.
That is, Andrew, our manager joined this race.
We shouted and made gestures so that he could notice,
but it might not have reached to him.
Anyway, the day was so special for all of us in this center.

Would you like to join us next June?


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The secret upper hill


Have you ever been to the upper hill behind the St.Rhadagunds?
It’s great spot in St Lawrence where we are. 

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 If you are a stranger to Isle of Wight,
you might not find the entry easily.
It is covered with the bush and very narrow.
But it’s our favorite way to go for a walk!

You might feel it’s little hard to go up,
because the entry to the hill is very steep. 

But don’t give up.
In a few minute, you can enter the new world!

When you follow the stairs few minute,
you can see the wide plain in front of you.

Walk few minutes more and turn around.
A numerous yellow flowers are waiting for you.
It’s like a drawing of Vincent van Gogh,
an intense yellow could captivate you.
And the right side is  wide blue sea.
If you come close to a cliff, you can feel like fly upon the sky. 

 Upper hill is a good place for jogging and taking a walk.
Sometimes, we, volunteer workers, go to take a rest.
Everyone loves upper hill, because it always makes us feel refresh.
Green grass is waving like ocean
and little rabbits are playing in the big yard.
 Are you ready to go to the secret hill?
Don’t forget to bring camera
and light jacket(strong wind on the cliff).
And it would be better if you pack something to eat.
We always do that!
As you know, there is  no supermarket or grocery :-(!  

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Spring at St Rhads

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