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Every mid-week and weekend fellowship in St.Rhads

Concert night & Fellowship with guests

One of the special point of St.Rhadagunds is having a time
with staff and guests altogether as a christian community.
Especially on summer holiday season, Every wednesday and sunday, We’re having a fellowship at evening.
And we’re preparing a concert night for every friday.

Everyone can participate in these programs
as a speaker, singer,dancer or audience, whoever you want !

   If you want to introduce us nice bible verses, pray or sing for us,
 just let us know before the fellowship.


        And If you want to show us your gift that God gives to you,
                               just let us know before the concert night.
                 Morover, It could be really good oportunity for you
                                 to meet St.Rhads talented musicions.

    These videos below could be enough for you to feel 
  the real atmosphere of the times !

                              Snow white play from St.Rhads volunteers
                                             click here to play the video

                                                         Lady singing Group
                                               Click here to play the video

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New Worship Band

Checking music notes, tuning instruments’ sound,
setting all the furnitures and projetor, practicing singing 
and keeping on praying

You can see these kind of sights on every wednesday in St. Rhads.
You might  know from other postings in this blog that
we have our own worship on wednesday evening.
For our and guests’ fellowship,
we made own formal worship band
altogether with new arriving volunteers.

Not only piano and vocalist, but also guitar,
bass guitar and violin join this band. 
So we can make much more beautiful and plentiful harmony together. 
In addition, we are having much more parctice time than before.  
It’s really amazing that most of the volunteers are joining this band
and altogether struggling to make sweet sound to worship God.
I hope that everyone could join and enjoy this time.
Everyone can be you reading this posting as well !

Everything that has breath praise the LORD 😀

St.Rhads Worship Band member
Leader / Sue & Jimmy
Vocalist / Boyoon & Andreza
Piano / Sue
Guitar / Jimmy
Bass Guitar / Andrew
Violin / Alessandra

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A new Worship song

Every Wednesday, We have own Fellowship & Communion time. It is really special and important time for us to share our faith and story together. And also  we can have good chance to pray together. In addition, we have a busy day  to have a worship band practice. 

This is the picture of Sue and Annie. Sue is a leader and pianist of  worship song band and Annie is the member of volunteer team who introduced us new worship song. On last fellowship, We learned new one from her and addicted to this song. It has really beautiful and easy melodies and lyrics to sing. 


Fortunately, I could take a video of this song during the felloship to share with you. Just click the URL below and listen! You must be falling in love with this song like us.

I hope that we could sing this song on this easter together:)

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