Hi everyone

The Volunteers started arriving in St Rhadagunds.

Snowing The first mounth, January, the year started to Snowing. February went very quickly with the preparation of the Sophie’s Wedding. (Andrew’s dautgher) The latest news… In January some voluntaries said bye bye to England and returned to them countries, others returned to St rhadagunds. In February we had the arrival of new voluntary. Two Brazilian, Aline and Gerli. The team had two voluntaries from Brazil, Andreza and Suelen, one from Uganda, Irene, and one from Nigeria, Karo.


WeddingOn the first day of March we had wedding. A. For me, a Brazilian girl, was a wonderful experience. I saw beautiful, exciting and traditional Britain wedding. The wedding was very different from a Brazilian wedding. Was an interesting cultural experience. The wedding was beautiful. So good to see the happiness of Andrew and Geraldine, after much work with the preparation and a great commitment from all, principality the bride’s parents, we had beautiful party.


But good news not stop yet.



In March two more volunteers arrived from South Korea, and now another country are represented in St Rhadagunds. Many cultures living in the same place, but it is an immense pleasure to share a little of own country and learn something from another country. And… we had a snow day… other good experience for me and Gerli. We never have been snow at this moment.

Now, we expect the rest of the volunteers to complete the family, and I’m sure we will have good times together.

This is Aline, Brazilian girl, I spend a great year and share a little bit about our lives in St Rhadagunds.

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