Time flies, doesn’t it?

WHOA! Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time since I last showed up, I know… I know… And I’m really sorry for that, however, to compensate my absence, here it is what I think it will be a big post about the latest days.

Well, with the end of the summer season we had some more goodbyes, this time Noemi (Germany), Andra (Romania) and Riikka (Finland) left us and went back to their families, friends, schools and everything else they had left behind before coming to St. Rhads.

ImageAfter 3 weeks working with us, Noemi gets her certificate, a big thank you and everybody’s best wishes on her last morning at the centre.


Ok, there were so many cameras that Andra ended up looking at the wrong one (haha), anyways, after 6 whole months and a lot of stories to tell, our sweet Romanian girl says goodbye. Everybody misses you really bad, Gus and Mini are included in this “everybody”!!! Best wishes!! 😉


And this is Riikka’s last morning at St. Rhads. Luckily she’s not back to Finland, but to uni in Scotland (If I’m not wrong it’s a closer place for an eventual visit). Hope you’re doing well with your new home and housemates 😉

WHOA! After a river of tears, a million hugs and wishes of safe journeys, they’re back home, we miss you, but we’re happy that you’re back to your beloved ones. God has a time for everything on Earth and we thank the Lord for your time with us!! Love you, girls!

Last Friday (September, 7th) we had the Wildfire musical written by Roger Jones from CMM – Christian Music Ministries (http://www.cmm.org.uk/people/jones.php) perfomed by our guests at the local Parish church. In one word?! That was AWESOME! Absolutely amazing! All the singing, acting, speaking… It was a really nice message and a good reminder that God doesn’t just live in a building but everywhere we are! We could sing along, smile and cry and, eventually, enjoy some drinks and biscuits together. What a night!


(Please, don’t mind Keith’s bald head at the bottom of the picture LOL)

This week we’ve got just a few guests, what means that our days are not so busy and we’ll have some more free time (YAY!) and probably new updates on the blog may come out sooner or later because of that!

Well, I think those were the highlights from last week…

Hope you like it, see you soon,

Hugs xxx

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